There’s A New Booze In Town: Buck 25 Vodka

Yes, there’s a new, locally made vodka from New Orleans’ own Atelier Vie. That name, BTW, roughly translates as “Studio Life” or, in a pinch, “Life Workshop”, which is vaguely ironic since “work” will be the last thing on anyone’s mind after sampling Atelier Vie’s newest offering — a 125-proof vodka called Buck 25.

Atelier Vie tells Gambit that the whole point of doing high-octane booze isn’t to get you hammered, but to leave more room in the glass for mixers, since you can use smaller shots of the stuff. But also, it will get you hammered — and fast. (It should also be extremely flammable. Mind those cigarettes.)

Check out the interview at Best of New Orleans — or turn down your speakers and visit the Atelier Vie website. (Note: there’s a loud video set to auto-play. You’ve been warned.)

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