Offbeat Cocktails For In-Between Seasons

We know we’ve been a little quiet lately, but we have an excuse: we have a publisher for our book! More on that later, when we can share a few more details.

For now, we encourage you to enjoy a thoughtful New York Times column by Rosie Schaap on the joys of seasonal drinking. Specifically, Schaap talks about the no-man’s-land of fall, and how that affects her cocktail palate:

Though I will welcome a full-fledged reunion with brown liquor and its comforts soon enough, this in-between time calls for in-between drinks. Summer seems to insist that we return its favors with equal sunniness in a glass. Late September doesn’t mind if we let a few shadows in. And where cocktails are concerned, this can get interesting, without any undue gravitas.

That’s some fancy writing, ain’t it?

Anyway, Schaap suggest some…unusual beverages for this time of year. Which ones? Click through and have a look.


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