Drinking Models

I think women should surround themselves with older women to use as role models for all aspects of our lives.

The Queen Mother at 100 (from http://yourroyal-highness.tumblr.com)

Seeing strong women achieve great professional  acclaim reminds one that you, too, can launch that business and succeed. Seeing women age gracefully and still look their age (Helen Mirren, Sophia Loren) reminds one that being beautiful need not be an idea abandoned in one’s twenties. And so it is with drinking. I have learned from several older women, my mother for example, how to approach drinking with a joie de vivre often at odds with America’s preoccupation with drink’s immoral and physical consequences. But sometimes one’s mother is not enough.

Enter the Queen Mother.

Class Magazine recently profiled the drinking habits of one of England’s most beloved (though recently departed) royal. (The bit about the hat box is fantastic.) She is, indeed, a model of drinking for all.

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