Lenten Drinking

Every year during Carnival,  I drink enough to nudge me into contemplating giving up drinking for Lent. And every year I talk myself out of it. Drinking is too ubiquitous a part of my social life for me to want to give it up entirely, plus I’m not Catholic and don’t actually believe in Lent. Or Easter. So there’s that…

For now, I’m limiting my drinking to Saturdays in the hopes it will help me lose the Carnival belly I acquired, a plan of restraint which has nothing to do with Lent, except that Lent comes after Carnival, in which I most certainly believe. This moderation will last till I end up at a mid-week event where the booze is quality and I capitulate to the advice of my better angels. Clearly I’m not a good model during this time of suffering. But there are those who are even better than I at negotiating Lenten drinking and if you are looking for loopholes, check out this post. 


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