Duck Fat Sazerac

Duck Fat Sazerac from Haddington's

I love Sazeracs. I love their taste, the aromatic Herbsaint cozying up to the spicy rye, offset by that squeeze of lemon oil. As a shamless promoter of New Orleans, I love them because they are the official cocktail of my beloved city. I love them so much that  I found a way to tell the history of New Orleans using only the ingredients in the Sazerac. And now I’ve found a new way to love them. The bartenders down at Haddington’s bar in Austin, TX have created a Duck Fat Sazerac. They infuse the rye with duck fat and use that as the base of this classic drink. According to the drinkers at, the drink “tastes clean, nutty, and not the least bit cloying.” Now all I need is some duck fat and room in the freezer. Something this luxurious and over-the-top sounds like the perfect cocktail for Carnival.


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