More Resources For The Vintage Tippler: Happy Hour At 33 RPM

When my future husband and I first shacked up, we kept regular happy hours, almost of of which were accompanied by music from a record player. Perhaps our all-time favorite was 1960s jetsetting beats of Herb Alpert and the Tijiuana Brass. Like a great tippler, the music was polished but it never took itself too seriously. In fact, I’m not sure any other band has ever surpassed the Herb Alpert for sheer drinkability.

Recently Gavin and I realized it had been far too long since we’d had a listen, and so I asked him to revisit his collection to determine which Alpert and Brass album deserved top cocktail billing. His vote: the vinyl vacation Going Places (1965) aptly named for its upbeat, Vegasy renditions of just about every genre known to humans and which spent eighty-four weeks on the top ten pop charts. What a wonderful alternative to the soporific electronica now heard at many upscale bars. Have a listen at


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