Etsy Shopping Excursion #3: Vintage Ashtrays For The In-Home Lounge

If you haven’t already blown through your holiday dough, here’s one more way to get rid of it and outfit your in-home cocktail bar at the same time:

Ceramic Ashtrays
$8-22; plus $6-10 for shipping
Once a staple in every bar (and restaurant!), ashtrays may be on their way to becoming relics. But forget about smoking, many of these vintage examples are simply too good- looking to be coated in soot. I’m particularly fond of the atomic and abstract expressionist approaches, but there’s plenty of boudoir ladylike prints as well.

Because in many of the designs the cigarette holder divides the piece in half, ashtrays can allow for two different snack items and are perfectly sized for classic bar staples: olives, nuts, chex mix. If you’re a cocktail fork/pick kind of person, these can be laid across the cigarette grooves. Or use the trays for lemon/lime slices.

Should the thought of eating out of an ashtray prove too, too much, vintage ashtrays make handy receptacles for business cards, loose change, cufflinks or perhaps your burgeoning cocktail ring collection?


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