Etsy & The Vintage Tippler

I fully admit I have a problem with Etsy. However, why not share the fruits of my addiction? Recent searches, and I won’t share how many hours/lifetimes these have taken, have yielded up a few chic, cocktail-related ideas for budget-minded drinkers, all of which can be found under Etsy’s perennially hip “Vintage” field. And because these classics are moderately priced, there’s no need to treat them as museum pieces.

But a word of warning: you may need to set time limits. The first search is always free…

Vintage Barware Sets
$20-$60 sets; plus $8-12 shipping.
Mid-century barware is timeless and often offers graphics that most contemporary barware lacks. The key word here is “set” (four to eight glasses), plenty of which have been excavated from atomic fallout shelters and rec rooms across America and unlike thrift stores which may not care about keeping the group together, Etsy sellers do. It’s time these beauties saw the light of day. A few sets include ice buckets and caddies. Consider mixing sets in like colors; for instance, red and black for card sharps or a festive holly pattern that may be the closest thing to a winter New Orleans sees this year. Locals take note: specify black and gold in the search field and note the multiple options that come up. Go Saints!

More to follow…


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