6 Video Game Cocktails: Woot!

Earlier, we posted about specialty cocktails being whipped up for this weekend’s BSC Championship. But what if football isn’t your thing? What if you prefer video games to football games.

We feel ya — and so does bar/arcade owner James Dance. Dance came up with not one, not two, but SIX outstanding cocktails to honor six outstanding video games. (Well, except Skyrim, which was okay, but it was no Oblivion.)

Our favorite is probably the Portal Shooter — which, because it’s from Portal, is actually two shooters, one orange and one blue. Check the colored sugar on the rims. That, people, is what we call attention to detail.

Catch the recipe for the Portal Shooter — plus other drinks commemorating Batman: Arkham, LA Noire, Modern Warfare, Skyrim, and Uncharted 3 — at The Guardian. Meanwhile, we’re going to see if we can perfect an Appletini of Eden to honor Assassin’s Creed.

[via PlaystationGirl]


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