Oh, It’s Carnival Time: King Cake-Flavored Vodka

Yeah, you read that headline correctly: king cake-flavored vodka. Apparently, it’s a thing.

The creator of said thing is Alfredo Diaz, a native New Orleanian currently living in Miami who’s having the stuff made in France. That’s enough identities and geography to make your head swim. (As we imagine the vodka itself will do.) The vodka isn’t on the shelves yet, but when it arrives in about a week, it’ll be available exclusively at Rouse’s.

Unlike that buffalo wing vodka we mentioned earlier, we could totally see making a martini with this stuff — maybe in a class rimmed with praline liqueur or Frangelico. It’s probably too strong for Fat Tuesday — after all, Mardi Gras day is all about being social, and being social is all about being mildly coherent — but it could make for a sweet nightcap, n’est-ce pas?


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