Ice-Blue Balls For Your Cocktail [Video]

Some cocktail purists insist that making a good cocktail depends entirely on good booze. These people would have you believe that drinking a French 75 from a plastic cup is hunky-dorey, so long as it’s made from Veuve Clicquot.


We repeat: poppycock.

Now, okay, we admit, there’s something to be said for top-shelf hooch. Even the greenest noob can probably distinguish between a shot of Aristocrat and a shot of Belvedere. But let’s not forget the importance of presentation. If we have learned nothing from cheesy Chinese restaurants — and we’ve learned PLENTY — it’s that a mediocre drink can become an intoxicating work of art if it’s served in a flaming punch bowl with giant bendy straws.

This, friends, is the lesson that the people at IceBallMold have discovered. They’ve taken an Esty-like love of metalcraft and turned it into a cottage industry making museum-worthy ice cubes.

The only drawback? Their machines will set you back a pretty penny — from $216 for their smallest model up to $1,933 for one that’ll crank out perfect ice balls 80mm wide. That’s like half a dinner party at Commander’s Palace for you and 20 of your closest friends — and without all the delicious calories. Seems a little decadent to us. And so, we love it.

If you have any spare change lying around the house and you’re in a generous mood, we’ll take two, please:


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