We Probably Draw The Line At Buffalo Wing-Infused Vodka

For some of you, buffalo wings are a food group.

Some of you, but not us.

We don’t care how many times you try to reassure us, “Oh, c’mon, we’ll go to Hooters and THEN you’ll see”, we ain’t buying it. Until actual buffalo grow actual wings, which can then be served in paper boxes at corner delis across this great nation, we’ll steer clear. (Well, except on Fat Tuesday.  All bets are off on Fat Tuesday.)

But even on that holy of holies, we’d probably draw a hard-and-fast line at buffalo wing-infused vodka. We know, we know — never say “never” — but the thought of all that grease and goo sliming up a perfectly good container of vodka seems like a real waste.

Beijing Boyce doesn’t feel this way, and for that, he’s due one half-hearted salute. The man let a friend infuse the vodka, then chilled it and served it up, possibly with a garnish of bleu cheese-stuffed olives. Even he says the results were “interesting” at best.

Now, we love the idea of spicy cocktails (bloody Marys with spicy pickled okra are a great weekend treat), and bleu cheese olives are obviously one of life’s greatest guilty pleasures, but like steak smoothies and sausage coladas, some things just don’t seem right in liquid form.


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