Champagne Cocktail

When it comes to fine hooch, nothing is as versatile as sparkling wine. There are loads of different varieties to be found on your grocer’s shelves (or if you live in Louisiana, in the booze aisle of Walgreen’s). Even better for hosts and hostesses, sparkling wine can be served throughout dinner, no matter what’s on the plate in front of your guests. From soup to nuts, sparkling wine goes with everything.

It’s good for a night on the town, too: nothing adds glitz to an evening like ordering a few flutes of bubbly. Everyone looks better drinking it — unless they’re the sort to sip from a split through a straw, which is a total no-no. If you don’t have a glass handy, then for criminy’s sake, just swig it from the bottle like a good Parisian prostitute.

This New Year’s Eve, how’s about gussying up your drink menu with a champagne cocktail? They’re varied and delicious, and they don’t really require champagne — they work just a-okay with prosecco, cava, or anything else with fizz. We suppose you could even make ’em with Manischewitz, if you’re so inclined.

Here’s a great recipe for your night on the town: the GP Spritz, courtesy of Greg Seider of New York’s The Summit Bar. Bottoms up, kids!


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